University Pathway Program

Gain entrance into a college or university - NO TOEFL or IELTS score required!

  • Direct transfer into over 100 reputable partner colleges or universities
  • Get a conditional letter of acceptance from your chosen partner school
  • Participate in guest lectures from ILSC's partner schools
  • ILSC's Academic Excellence Assurance supports you to achieve your goals

AEA Academic Excellence Assurance

ILSC is committed to assuring your success through monitoring your progress, and offering additional support as required.

our partners

Successful completion of ILSC’s University Pathway Program guarantees you seamless entry (no TOEFL or IELTS) into one of our partner colleges or universities in Canada.

Our Courses

ILSC’s University Pathway Program provides key skills to help you succeed in your College or University program, including lecture comprehension, note-taking, academic writing and more.


Learn more about the University Pathway Program and how to apply.

What's New in the University Pathway program

University Pathway Program available at ILSC-Montreal

Our University Pathway Program is available once again at ILSC-Montreal. Students will be able to experience this charming, bilingual city while completing their University Pathway Certificate, with the opportunity to then transfer to one of our partner institutions ...Read more

We are pleased to announce that both ILSC Vancouver and ILSC Toronto are now designated learning institutions.

ILSC Vancouver DLI number - O19275396842
ILSC Toronto DLI number - O19375697742

Please refer to this link for more information about designation:

Alumni stories

Ryan (Saudi Arabia)
It’s really a good step for ILSC to have this program because it makes it easy to get into university; also we need English in every career. I took the University Pathway Program because I think...Read more
Yuko (Japan)
My heart is full of gratitude for my ILSC teachers, friends, counsellor and the University Pathway director because they all supported me like my family. I learned from them how important it is to challenge myself...Read more