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Frequently Asked Questions

Seamless entry means that no outside language tests are required to enter you chosen partner school. Successful graduates of ILSC’s University Pathway program will be able to enter directly into their chosen partner school once they have completed the University Pathway program. For some of our US partners, students will take a placement assessment on their first day; however, ALL of our partners offer seamless entry.

That’s right, no IELTS or TOEFL needed!

Any student who has a desire to study at a North American, or Australian college, TAFE or university, the willingness to work hard in their classes, and a GPA that meets the application requirements of their chosen partner school is an ideal candidate for the University Pathway program.
The University Pathway program will help you develop a much broader skill set than simply focusing on passing an IELTS or TOEFL test. Students will take courses to develop their academic English skills, such as University Preparation I and II, and Academic Speaking and Listening. . Students will learn note-taking skills, research skills, essay writing and correct citation formats. By the time you start a program at your chosen partner school, you’ll have all the tools you need for success!
There are no additional fees for the University Pathway program, just your regular ILSC course fees.
Yes, you will receive an official ILSC University Pathways Certificate when you complete the program. The University Pathway Advisor will forward a copy of your Certificate of Completion to the college or university you wish to study at.
Once we send off your completed application package you can typically expect to receive your conditional acceptance letter within 5–10 business days.
All partner schools require a non-refundable application fee, usually around $100. Some schools will also require the first semester’s tuition as a deposit. Ask your counsellor or the University Pathway team to find out!
Our University Pathway Program has been growing steadily since it began several years ago. Each year we send dozens of students to their college or university of choice and our success rate is very high!
Speak to your agent or ILSC counsellor and sign up as a “University Pathway Student.” Make sure to apply for your chosen partner school when you apply to ILSC. To apply for your chosen partner school you will need:
  1. the partner school application form,
  2. a translated and notarized diploma and/or transcripts of senior secondary school and/or any other post-secondary education you have completed, and
  3. a copy of your passport.
Some schools and programs may require additional documents. Your agent or an ILSC counsellor will help you complete all of the necessary paperwork to apply for the University Pathway program, and a partner college, TAFE or university of your choice.

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