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University Pathway Program

The University Pathway Program will help you gain entrance into a North American or Australian college, university or TAFE without needing a TOEFL or IELTS score and prepare you for academic success once there.

Upon arrival at ILSC, you will receive academic counselling to assess your English level and discuss your career and educational goals. Each month, your teachers will assess your progress to ensure success. With the language and study skills you gain through the University Pathway Program, you will have a strong foundation for achieving success in a post-secondary program.


What does the University Pathway Program offer YOU?
  1. Direct transfer to our partner institutions upon successful completion of the University Pathway Program (no TOEFL or IELTS)
  2. Preparation for academic success in a college, university, or TAFE including English preparation and post-secondary skills preparation, such as lecture comprehension, note-taking, research skills, and academic discussion skills.
  3. Conditional acceptance to a college, TAFE or university
    • Use your ILSC letter of acceptance and the conditional letter of acceptance from your chosen partner school to apply for a longer study permit.
  4. FREE cultural counselling
    • Support in many languages
    • Additional academic support
    • Counselling on all aspects of the student’s life abroad while studying at ILSC
  5. Our Academic Excellence Assurance which includes:
    • Academic Counselling to help you choose and apply to your partner school
    • Online resources to help you practice
    • Ongoing monitoring of your academic progress to catch any challenges as soon as they arise
    • Partner school tours every session
    • Small group tutoring sessions which can be added to your program any time*

* Additional fee applies for students studying 16 weeks or less

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